How to upload my work?


You can upload your work by using the Upload Button. Our uploader is HTML5 and doesn’t require any additional plugins. It will support all modern browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari 6+ or Internet Explorer 9+.

Image should be uploaded at the Maximum size of 5MB or 5000px, and Minimum image size of 400px * 300px. We only support JPEG/PNG/Gif  formats
Titles are required: we recommend a short title which is catchy, easy to read and easy to remember. Tag your work and Add it to a new or an existing Album or Collection (Album selection is required only for the first time) and finally select the category for your artwork

  • Upload your own  artwork . ( JPG/GIF/PNG file.)
  • Maximum image size    5MB  or 5000px
  • Minimum  image size :  400px * 300px
  • Title is Required: A short title is catchy, attention-grabbing, easy to read and easy to remember.
  • Add new Album or Collection  (required only for the first time) and then select  category for your artwork
  • if your artwork is only suitable for adult, then please switch on Adult Content Button

Category and Set

It is recommended for our users to tag their posts with subcategories and sub genres so that their work can easily be found through our search engine.